You’re big into RC Off-road trucks

Posted by iFlyRC on Dec 1st 2019
If you’re into RC cars, chances are you’ve heard all of the stereotypes: they’re only for kids, they look like cheap toys, they’re slow, and more.
Nothing proves those stereotypes wrong more than the RC Off-road trucks race truck. This bad boy is fast, mean, and truly just a miniature version of the most high-tech and innovative race cars out there.

You’re big into RC Off-road trucks. They’re fun to run, a great test of skill, and are overall a great way to spend the day.

With a price in the middle of the range for these RCs, it comes with a number of features that make so special: off-roading capabilities, intense power sliders, and a 800 horsepower engine.

The chassis is lightweight yet durable, maximizing strength without sacrificing performance. The battery compartments are scalable and compatible with most NiMH and LiPo configurations to power the new rc cars brushless heart.

The whole truck has a low center of gravity, giving you increased side to side maneuverability and stability. This makes the new a viable choice for competitive RC truck races.

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